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Always invest in the very best!

07 Apr 2014

It’s no secret I’m dedicated to investing in specialists and professional services to drive Spirit forward. The Spirit team is strong, but years of experience have taught me the value of looking outside of my own team to see who else’s expertise I can tap into.

In the last month, Spirit has brought in three new experts to make improvements. Firstly, I’d like to tell you about Grant Harrison, director of specialist commercial repair and maintenance business Majengo, who I’ve been working with for many years now.

Grant is leading a number of projects to improve the facilities at Spirit. Majengo will be modifying the partitions and ceiling of the Spirit factory. They will be installing state-of-the-art LED lighting throughout the factory as well as making alterations to facilitate new manufacturing machinery. They will also be modifying the sales office and creating a new room upstairs for the PCB assembly department. Grants know that there’s a need for speed in the PCB industry and has estimated that all work will be completed by the end of April 2014.

The alterations will improve our working environment, expand our capabilities and most importantly enhance the wellbeing of our team. I can’t wait to see the end result of the projects, which I know will be completed to a high standard. From factory improvements to a completely different side of the business – I’m happy to announce that we’ve recently appointed MPW Insurance Brokers to provide cover and risk management advice. I met Andy Webb and Ian Gregory, Partners of MPW, at a business birthday party. We instantly hit it off and social chat quickly turned to business. Three months – and an outstanding presentation - later a deal was stuck that will be the insurance brokers provide General Insurance cover for Spirit. I’m looking forward to working with MPW’s dedicated team of brokers, whose professionalism was evident at our first meeting. I’m actively seeking out the top specialists and professionals to support us in our development, and working with MPW reflects this dedication.

As well as bringing the best people on board, I also look out for the best technology that can drive Spirit forward. The latest company to impress me with their technology was NLP Logix. NLP Logix is a predictive modeling and machine learning company based in Jacksonville, Florida.

The company has applied machine-learning techniques to Spirit’s massive transactional data to predict potential client dissatisfaction. Every week, current customer information is evaluated by the model and results are made available for evaluation and reporting. Using predictive analysis on our data has already uncovered new insights into our clients buying patterns. It allowed us to rapidly identify when there is likelihood that a client may downgrade their ordering and made it possible for the sales team to rapidly follow up in person before the client makes permanent changes. This is the best sales tool I have come across in a long while – and I have no doubt that it will increase customer satisfaction.

Teaming up with these experts will certainly help us to steam ahead. I encourage all entrepreneurs and business owners to consider the value in investing in specialsts and seek out people to help them get to where they want to be. Relating back to my earlier blog post on ‘co-opertition’, successful businesses rarely operate alone - collaborations, partnerships and appointments are key to staying at the top.

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