Spirit Circuits Ltd are passionate about delivering service beyond expectation. We are committed to delivering high quality products on time and constantly embracing new technologies and methodologies that enable us to be at the forefront of our industry.

We continually invest in new technologies, staff training and infrastructure within the company. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with modern efficient production equipment and has a highly experienced work force ready to deliver your requirements on time.

Our standards for quality and safety are of paramount importance and we are authorized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. to apply the UL Component Recognition Mark. We are certified by the internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality standard. In the absence of any customer specified standards we will use IPC Printed Board Standard (class 2) as our default quality standard. IPC-A-600 is recognized globally and is used to determine the acceptability of PCBs in terms of observable characteristics.

Waste reduction and environmental compliance are key drivers for our business. We are very strongly committed to “Lean Manufacturing” and follow “Lean” principles throughout the whole business ensuring costs are consistently kept to a minimum. Our stringent controls and procedures allow us to work in a safe and compliant environment. In 2013 Spirit achieved ISO 14001 accreditation.

We encourage young people into our industry by supporting modern apprenticeships. Our professional support also extends to industry trade bodies ICT (Institute of Circuit Technology) and EIPC (European Institute of Printed Circuits).

With our innovative services and our open approach to business we strive to offer you the shortest lead-times and the highest quality as Standard!