Local knowledge on a global scale

We’ve opened up a world of business opportunities in China and our many years of experience and commitment to working in China has delivered real benefit to our customers. Our office in Dongguan enables us to be in daily communication with our Sourcing Manager and his team of engineers.

Our buying power means we always offer the best prices and our established credit history avoids the need for upfront payments. With two bulk shipments per week to our UK warehouse, our team are able to consolidate your requirements to achieve the lowest shipping cost and satisfy your exact delivery requirements.

Language barriers, time zone differences and currency fluctuations and technical queries are just some of the problems you need not worry about! We will ensure your product is delivered at the best price and to the correct specifications.

Most importantly, our in-depth knowledge of the Chinese business world and frequent personal visits to our partners works to your advantage.

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Room 1229, Hua He Building,
Dong Cheng Zhong Road,
Dong Guan City, People’s Republic of China