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Optimism is key!

27 Jun 2013

…If all else fails and opportunities look scarce, remember this quote.

Earlier this month we set off to the ‘Get Hired Portsmouth Careers Fair’ and set up camp, all in search of young talent to join our team. The day was a huge success, and with local job hunters bustling around in search of their future, their enthusiasm was contagious. For anyone who moans that the ‘youth of today’ are not hungry for careers or lack the drive of their elders, the groups at this event certainly proved them wrong.

From the offset, our expectations set sky high - and we weren’t disappointed! With over 40 strong applicants eager to fill one of our three vacancies, it was a pretty successful day.

Nowadays the universal job application process is rather, shall we say, monotone. A flood of emails or distinctive white envelopes addressed to ‘HR’ falls into the hands of a poor, unsuspecting employee who simply doesn’t have the time to sift through every CV in great detail. To put it simply, in today’s competitive climate, an email just doesn’t really cut it.

Now that doesn’t mean to say that people are not successful when they email their CV to a company, but employers are more likely to remember the name of a friendly face rather than the name on the top of a piece of paper. With this in mind, we were ready to search on the morning of the event. Our mission: to find three bright, innovative individuals to join the Spirit team.

Openings in production, maintenance and quality meant that the job roles were just as diverse as the people. And this is what is great about events like these.

The venue played a big part in the success of the event, too. Fratton Park Stadium, in all its space and glory, was host to some of the biggest employers in the area. Lloyds TSB, the Royal Armouries and other company giants were there in hope of finding their next generation of employees.

The day was packed with lots of different workshops and seminars lead by the National Careers Service. Visitors were treated to a mix of CV sessions, interviewing skills and various training opportunities. It was great to see the job seekers leave with the event with valuable training and hopeful careers opportunities.

I must not forget to mention Portsmouth paper, The News and careers service, Jobs Today. They were responsible for organising the event, so kudos to them for making it all run so smoothly.

The standard of applicants were high, just as we were hoping. It just goes to show that even when times are hard; where companies remain cautious to taking new staff, and job seekers are losing hope at securing ether income, let alone their careers… optimism is key!

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