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Lyncolec Limited: Post acquisition update from General Manager Ian Hood

31st October 2014

Spirit Circuits caught up with Ian Hood to find out how Lyncolec is progressing.

When Spirit Circuits acquired Lyncolec Limited in December 2013, there was an air of excitement over future plans and how the company would progress and grow.

Since the acquisition, much has been done to improve the business and invest in the staff, equipment and buildings through the work of a programme called LIPs (Lyncolec Improvement Plans). The aim of LIPs is to improve staff and welfare, customer service and plant, machinery and buildings, elevating Lyncolec to a world class supplier.

Ian Hood has been appointed as General Manager at Lyncolec and has been working with his fantastic team of committed employees to produce the required results. “We have made substantial improvements in all aspects of the business, improvements in software systems, purchasing of new equipment, improvements in process and department lay-outs. However, one of the most important improvements has been our LIPs progamme. We have developed a culture of change where our employees “love our business”, and embrace these changes.”

Making products for aerospace, medical and automotive applications is serious business, but Ian tries to ensure that the team still has some fun. “I see my job as facilitating and maximising our resources, whilst ensuring that everyone is happy, from our customers to our employees.”

Ian recognises the impact of his role as General Manager on the rest of the Lyncolec team, working hard to remove the obstacles that prevent them from doing a good job. “As a manager I believe that practically 95% of all issues and obstacles are caused by management and only management can remove these obstacles, from inadequate procedures to ineffectively maintained processes.”

Since Ian has been in post, the culture of Lyncolec has improved dramatically. “Prior to the introduction of the LIPs programme, change was something that was not embraced. When we started on this journey we had many sessions with all personnel to ensure that we were all committed to and would embrace change. What we got was a fantastic response from all the employees at Lyncolec and they have all embraced the LIPs programme to the point that everyone happily promotes this through aspects like wearing badges with LIPs ‘Love your Business’ on their company overalls.”

And what does the future hold for Lyncolec? “The secret to our success is the involvement and empowerment of all our employees, we are about to start a comprehensive Lean Journey, without people being the centre of our manufacturing process, LEAN Manufacture becomes MEAN Manufacture.”

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